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Power Symbols - for your desk

Over the years, I've collected a lot of stuff for my desk. Stuffed animals for birthdays, fun mugs from holiday parties, stickers from Hackathons - you name it.

But recently, as happens every once in a while (usually around intern season) our team shuffled desk areas, and I had to pack up all my desk contents to move again.

Only this time, I took the chance to refresh my desk with some new choices, picking out things that made me feel empowered every time I looked at them:

Gold pens

There's something inspiring about gold. I love this statement piece on my desk to remind myself to stand out, take up space, shine bright, don't blend into the background.

- pens ($9.99) and pencil cup ($13.99) on Amazon

Buy the F***ing Latte cup from Ellevest

Nothing makes me feel more kickass than having words from Sallie Krawcheck sitting on my desk. Aside from loving the Ellevest mission and being an admirer of Sallie's, it's a daily reminder to buy the latte.

- On Ellevest, $23.00

Pink ombre keyboard skin

I wanted to add a touch of femininity to my desk area, because pink can be pretty and powerful. Consider this my subtle Sailor Moon tribute 🌙

- on Amazon, $6.99

Himalayan pink rock salt lamp

I love lamp.

It's got an earthy look to it (and it's made of real salt, to boot). The sunset glow has added a calming, centering energy to my area. It even emits a soothing warmth if you place your hand on it. I know it's going to come in handy during the grey winter months!

- on Amazon, $21.99

Surround yourself with things that inspire you!


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