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London for the Holidays

We decided on a whim to go spend the last days of 2018 somewhere new. So after Christmas we flew off to London.

I’ll say this, I’ve never been to a big city with holiday decorations as magical as London’s. Christmas trees and baubles stood on street corners and every hotel entrance. Pubs brimmed with wreaths and twinkly lights, and Christmas market areas made easy access to boozy cocoa and drizzled Belgian waffles.

But of all those things, my favorite part of London were the pubs. I’m California-grown, so I’m used to finding darker beers with an ABV between 8-15% — I quickly found out beers in England tended to only be around 4-5%, but there’s nothing wrong with the whiskey selection at pubs, so I got along just fine.

Some of my favorites:

  • Windmill Mayfair - great Scotch eggs & lamb shepherd’s pie

  • Old Thameside Inn - aptly-named pub overlooking Thames & Tower Bridge

  • The Red Lion - cozy refuge near Westminster Abbey, great game pies

  • The Hung Drawn and Quartered - low lighting, locals & perfect sticky toffee pudding

For this being my first time in the UK, I loved walking around London, overhearing a delightful variety of British accents, and having enough meat pies for three lifetimes. So here's a few photos from the trip:

Bonus: Seeing a two-act play starring Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) in the West End

Double-bonus: Seeing Kit Harrington’s wife Rose Leslie (Jon Snow’s love, Ygritte) four rows behind me in the audience


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