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Best Fish Tacos in San Diego

On our quest to find the best beer n' fish tacos in Cali, San Diego won hands down.

Fish taco heaven, to-go

Andy n' I are beer nuts. One of our favorite Friday night traditions is discovering a new craft beer from a new favorite brewery. Personally I love dark, viscous, high ABV beers - like double-digit percent ABV - and luckily I grew up in California where those kinds of beers are never out of reach.

Nothin' but sweet dark stouts n' porters for me

But over the weekend we decided to go to one of the brewery meccas of CA: San Diego. We had visited together before, but we needed another fix. Coupled with a chill ocean vibe, forever-good weather and mission-style architecture, San Diego made for the perfect imbibing backdrop. Some of the top breweries we visited:

  • Belching Beaver (if you don't think peanut butter + stouts go together, this place will prove you wrong)

  • Modern Times (endless list of dark, syrupy, inventive beers to try)

  • Stone (a must)

Modern Times Brewing in San Diego

@But in between breweries, we got hungry. And we tried fish tacos in the dark of some dive bars, but none stood out until we stumbled upon the Sandbar by Ocean Beach. O. M. G. If you're ever in SD and looking for the best fish tacos ever, go here. Just do it.

Halfway through our trip we needed food fast and came across the Sandbar, got some tacos to go, and ate them on the beach. They were so good we had to back on our last day there.

You can get their tacos street style or beach style, but you can also get them TKO-style (which they touted on their menu as "award-winning," which sounds corny, but it was worth it).

I got some grilled shrimp tacos street style, dusted with cotija cheese, and some white fish tacos (love yourself and get them deliciously-golden-battered Baja-style) TKO style and now I'm ruined for all other tacos. The tortillas were succulent, the shrimp were fat and the fish were seasoned to enchant every bite, the aioli was just right, and I still dream about the little crispy crackling onion strings on the TKO tacos. Even the side of tortilla chips were light and buttery and warm.

Needless to say, our San Diego trip was a success. We have found our Beer-n-Taco Valhalla. I hope you go visit ASAP!

Ocean Beach in San Diego


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