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5 Travel Must-Haves

These days, I'm traveling by plane a few times a month - both for pleasure and for work! I've come to depend on these nifty items, not just for when I'm in the air, but to keep me happy and healthy while I'm away from home.

Here's my top five items to survive any trip:

1. La Mer's Crème de la Mer (0.5 oz)

La Mer is, bluntly, a miracle. I started using La Mer's creams about a year ago, and I've seen a dewiness and clarity in my face I can't live without anymore. The consistency reminds me of a cool, thick butter and always soothes my skin. When I'm staying hotels, I always make sure I pack a travel-size jar of La Mer's Crème de la Mer to keep my face hydrated, because nothing dries me out like traveling.

2. La Mer's Perfecting Treatment

Like the Crème de la Mer, the Perfecting Treatment is something of a miracle serum. I always follow applying the Crème de la Mer with this Perfecting Treatment (which is a seashell-pink, gel-like cream) so I make sure to pack both for my every trip. The Perfecting Treatment evens out my skin tone and adds a kind of glow I can't recommend enough.

3. Nintendo Switch (and your game of choice!)

I'm a '90s kid, so I grew up on a steady diet of N64 and GameBoy Advance. When I went off to college and was too broke to own a TV, I fell out of practice. But when Nintendo came out with the Switch, a console that boasted the latest and greatest (and biggest) Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, but could be taken on the go, I was sold. I'm telling you, a 6-hour flight goes by in no time when you've got this baby. The graphics are beautiful, the haptic feedback tickles me pink, and the games themselves are as lovingly crafted as ever.

4. Burt's Bees Coconut & Pear chapstick

I use chapstick for my lips, for the circles under my eyes, for really anywhere on my face that is feeling chapped or flaky. That's the thing about flying, it dries you out in ways you never expected. Burt's Bees makes lots of great natural products, but their Coconut & Pear balm smells especially good, and glides on so buttery smooth, unlike other chapsticks that can turn solid and waxy in cold temps.

5. Ethan's MCT Shot, Coffee flavor

On travel days, I'm usually up at the crack of dawn to catch an early flight and have to skip my morning workout, so I don't normally bother with breakfast. Instead I usually bring an Ethan's Coffee-flavored MCT shot. For a little extra boost of healthy fats, these mini 2oz bottles of coconut cream and cold brew keep me going when I'm racing through airport security.

Happy Travels!


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